Steroids increase bat speed

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Conspiracy theorists — some major league players among them — need not squint hard to connect the dots: In 2014, scoring sank to its lowest full-season level since 1976, and restoring offense was a hot topic over the following winter. Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reported in January 2015 that the league had recently sent the MLB Players Association a packet of ideas for bolstering scoring, one of which was “wrapping the ball tighter to make it fly farther.” While that wasn’t a formal proposal, it seems somewhat convenient that balls did start flying farther so soon, particularly in a way that would be consistent with an altered ball being introduced at the All-Star break, when some teams replenish their supply. This wouldn’t be the first time that the baseball’s guts have been quietly tweaked , or that a livelier ball has been introduced on the sly at midseason. And there is recent precedent for a similar ball-and-switch in a high-level league, where (as Rob Manfred is aware ) things didn’t end well for its commissioner.

Steroids increase bat speed

steroids increase bat speed


steroids increase bat speedsteroids increase bat speedsteroids increase bat speedsteroids increase bat speedsteroids increase bat speed