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The word pelmeni is derived from pel'n'an' (пельнянь) – literally "ear bread" in the native Finno-Ugric Komi , Udmurt , and Mansi languages. [20] [21] It is unclear when pelmeni entered the cuisines of the indigenous Siberian people and when they first appeared in Russian cuisine. One theory suggests pelmeni, or stuffed boiled dumplings in general, originated in Siberia, possibly a simplified adaptation of the Chinese Wonton (in some dialect is called Bāomiàn "包面"). Pelmeni are particularly good means of quickly preserving meat during long Siberian winter, especially eliminating the need to feed livestock during the long winter months.

The Omakase Restaurant Group (ORG) portfolio features a diverse array of San Francisco eateries, from the Michelin-starred Omakase to the hip izakaya stylings of Okane, as well as the popular Live Sushi Bar in Potrero Hill and the beloved neighborhood diner Breakfast at Tiffany's.

"In Asia, dumplings are served at all times of day and are an integral part of Asian culture, said ORG owner Kash Feng, a native of Xi'an, China, arguably one of the dumpling capitals of the world. "I grew up eating dumplings, so I've been wanting to create a fresh dumpling concept for some time. I was thrilled when this space became available just a couple of blocks from two of our other restaurants."

One of the unique features of Dumpling Time is that it allows guests to watch dumplings being made by hand throughout the day. The dumplings are skillfully prepared and beautifully presented under the watchful eye of Chef Do Leung, using recipes inspired by Kash Feng's mom.

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Skin dimpling from steroid injection

skin dimpling from steroid injection


skin dimpling from steroid injectionskin dimpling from steroid injectionskin dimpling from steroid injectionskin dimpling from steroid injectionskin dimpling from steroid injection