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Addendum: All information in this report is unverified, though details are consistent from multiple sources. The content of this report was taken from interviews with D-Class personnel numbers 1070869 (death sentence: rape, murder), 1033654 (life without parole: aggravated sexual assault on a minor), and 3370633 (death sentence: [REDACTED]), all of whom were frequent tenants of SCP-102-1 prior to incarceration. It is theorized that D-1033654 made use of SCP-102-1's effect to commit [DATA EXPUNGED]. See interview logs 102-1/2/3 for full transcripts.

Here is the only issue I ran into. I asked them before hand, if I could have my items shipped to an address other than my billing Address. They said it was fine no problem. When I ordered I put in the "comments/specific instructions" to send to my address not the billing address. When I payed I told them to please send to this address. When I confirmed the payment I told them not to send to billing address. Multiple times I asked them but they didn't, they sent it to my billing address which is my girlfriends place and she went NUTS! Oh man I'm seriously lucky she didint flush my gear down the toilet!!

Robolics labs steroid source

robolics labs steroid source


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