Rich piana steroid cycles

Some prokaryotes possess an additional H2-type gene designated RNase HIII in the Roman-numeral nomenclature used for the prokaryotic genes. HIII proteins are more closely related to the H2 group by sequence identity and structural similarity, but have substrate preferences that more closely resemble H1. [7] [28] Unlike HI and HII, which are both widely distributed among prokaryotes, HIII is found in only a few organisms with a scattered taxonomic distribution; it is somewhat more common in archaea and is rarely or never found in the same prokaryotic genome as HI. [29]

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I know the massive cycles Rich was doing plus mega dosing GH obviously Didn’t help him, I’m sure his heart was enlarged and weakend, not to mention high BP and whatever else was going on. But in the end his death was actually caused from drug abuse(not the steroid type). Gear can be ran safely as millions of people can prove. Problem is when you go crazy with dosing and never coming off. I’m not condoning steroids but just wanted to show the difference between a responsible user and somebody who abuses. Anyway RIP big guy, no one will ever fill your void.

Rich piana steroid cycles

rich piana steroid cycles


rich piana steroid cyclesrich piana steroid cyclesrich piana steroid cyclesrich piana steroid cyclesrich piana steroid cycles