Post-topical steroid hypopigmentation

You are probably wondering what kind of cream I used instead of steroids and honestly no one method of comfort works for everyone. Some people absolutely dislike any ointment on their suffering skin and that is understandable, each person should do what feels best. I won't go into the whole eczema ideas of leaky gut, food intolerances, irritants and family genetics with it as everyone seems to have a theory about it. There are people getting addicted to topical steroids for using them to lighten their skin so this is not just about eczema.

I am still using Betnovate at the moment (on my hands only). I am hoping to get down to Eumovate before stopping completely in September. That is about where my journey is at the moment. I am regularly flaring mostly on my trunk at the moment. I am hoping to make monthly updates with plenty of information and photographs of my progress. I hope this blog will help those who are also suffering and thinking about embarking on this journey. I have found looking at other blogs incredibly inspiring for strength and information. You tube videos I have found a major help, I will add a couple of favorites for you to look at.

AB - Background: Oesophageal lichen planus is an idiopathic inflammatory disorder characterized by significant oesophageal stricturing. Oesophageal lichen planus is a rare, difficult to diagnose, and likely an under recognized disease. As a result, there is no standardized approach to therapy and treatment strategies vary. Aim: To examine the utility of topical steroid therapy (fluticasone or budesonide) in the management of oesophageal lichen planus. Methods: A retrospective chart review was conducted of patients diagnosed with oesophageal lichen planus who underwent baseline and follow up endoscopy pre and post topical steroid therapy between 1995 and 2016 at Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN. Average time between upper GI endoscopy was months (–). Swallowed steroid preparations included fluticasone 880 μg twice daily or budesonide 3 mg twice daily. Patients were reviewed for symptomatic response to therapy using the Dakkak-Bennett dysphagia score (0–4, no dysphagia to total aphagia). Pre- and post-endoscopic findings were assessed. Additional baseline demographic, endoscopic, and histologic data were also obtained. Results: We identified 40 patients who met the inclusion criteria. A significant reduction in median dysphagia score from 1 (0–4) to 0 (0–3) after steroid therapy (P < ) was noted. 62% of patients reported resolution of their dysphagia after receiving topical corticosteroids. % had an endoscopic response to steroid therapy. Conclusion: Topical swallowed budesonide or fluticasone appear to effective treatment for oesophageal lichen planus.

Post-topical steroid hypopigmentation

post-topical steroid hypopigmentation


post-topical steroid hypopigmentationpost-topical steroid hypopigmentation