Pitbull attacks owner steroids

Then your sister needs to stop bullying her pits! I have had 3 dogs- my first was a beagle mixed mutt that had to be put down for biting people. My second was a cocker spaniel mix that was rescued and a great dog but had a penchant for biting people because she was abused and I currently have a 70 pound, 3 year old Brindle and White Pit Bull that we rescued and he is the most loving and kindest dog I’ve ever been around. I also have kids ages 14, 8, 8, and 3 and the 3 year old uses him as a pillow most of the time. I was hesitant with getting him thanks to the media and ignorant people scaring me and I do not regret getting him and actually want another one, just not as big! He’s too strong lol

8. KIDS & PITS - This is a great combination, but under the supervision of adults. Pit Bulls are such strong dogs, that it doesn't take much more than a "head butt" to give a child a black eye. But more importantly are the rules that apply when walking the dog. NEVER allow a child to walk a dog of this caliber without the assistance of an adult. If a dog of this magnitude sees a cat or another dog that he decides to go after, a child does not have the strength to hold him back. You're only asking for a terrible accident to happen and your child to be traumatized.

This is probably the most asinine thing that I’ve ever heard of, i’m not saying that this is impossible, the minute I do I will be proven wrong, so my question is this where was the mother when this was allegedly taking place. I’ve been around pitts my entire life and I dont care what anyone says if you treat any animal with kindness and love it will return in kind. I have had several pitts and have yet to have one turn, I even gave one to my three year old nephew who will eat candy, etc around that dog it it does him no harm. I believe in you get what you recieve. Before putting this dog down someone should take a VERY close look at the mother and anyone else involved, is she covering up another crime, I just dont see how this happened without the child being held down and someone provoking it.

Pitbull attacks owner steroids

pitbull attacks owner steroids


pitbull attacks owner steroidspitbull attacks owner steroidspitbull attacks owner steroidspitbull attacks owner steroidspitbull attacks owner steroids