Oxymetholone 25mg side effects

For beginners and those who cannot tolerate well Oxymetholone 25mg, the recommended dosage is 1-5 mg per kg body weight. More specifically, the athletes can abuse this drug in the dosage in the range of 50-100 mg per day. The duration of the use usually is no more than 6 weeks.

Furthermore, the dosage for advanced users to gain massive bulk is even increased to 200mg daily for six to eight weeks. When it comes to increase of solid muscle mass or is more effectiveness can no longer be achieve.

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Although I am usually not inclined to posit speculations on why a particular drug does or doesn't do something, in this case I will. Im guessing that the higher doses of Anadrol cause enough appetite suppression (at least anecdotally) to make eating rather difficult. It can also increase insulin resistance and glucose intolerance (5). This has the effect of making macronutrient absorption more inefficient, and could also be a factor in reducing gains when the dosage goes over 100mgs/day. Unfortunately, Anadrol also has a reasonably profound effect on your body's natural hormonal system, on par with most other oral steroids , but not as bad as most injectables, and its certainly not as harsh on your lipid profile as many anabolics are

Oxymetholone 25mg side effects

oxymetholone 25mg side effects


oxymetholone 25mg side effectsoxymetholone 25mg side effectsoxymetholone 25mg side effectsoxymetholone 25mg side effectsoxymetholone 25mg side effects