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Drinking coffee daily will help you to ease the symptoms associated to asthma and wheezing. It sounds strange, does not it? We all hear about the bad effects of caffeine which is present in coffee and many people believe that they should give up coffee drinking habit. However, it is not true. If consumed in moderation, caffeine will bring several health benefits. One of its benefits is treating wheezing. According to Anahad O’Connor, the structure of caffeine resembles the structure of a common wheezing fighting medication which can help to relax the airway muscle and alleviate respiratory problems. In 2007, many researchers in a study of the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews try to analyze the effects of caffeine on treating wheezing and asthma after doing a half dozen clinical trials. They found a small improvement in airways in people who had consumed caffeine. The study also showed that a cup of coffee will improve the lung function for about 2 hours. Therefore, if you want to look for the momentary relief for wheezing and coughing, you just need a cup of hot coffee. It is time for you to replace the handy inhaler for a cup of hot black coffee. Coffee will act as a bronchodilator; hence, it will control and prevent wheezing attacks. The stronger the coffee is, the more satisfactory result you will get. However, you do not drink more than 3 cups of coffee daily because caffeine in the coffee will like to some side effects if consumed too much. If you do not like black coffee, you can substitute for black tea which has the same benefits. It is said that the improvement in asthma and wheezing is slight. Therefore, it is not enough to use coffee as a replacement for medication and a regular treatment. Because consuming too much caffeine will lead to some unwanted side effects, doctors will suggest the patients with wheezing take that medication in order to control their consumption of tea, coffee, chocolate and other foods containing caffeine.

After juice filtration, additional ingredients are added to the mixture to achieve the desired taste and consistency. Some of the main ingredients used to create ketchup include sweeteners , vinegar , salt and spices, and flavouring. These additions are usually integrated later on in the process with the exception of some spices added in at the beginning. Throughout the entire process, temperature must be consistently monitored to make sure all the ingredients are being added and absorbed properly. Air is then removed in order to prevent oxidation , maintain proper colouring and inhibit the growth of any unwanted bacteria. Before being packaged, the ketchup is heated to  °F (88 °C) to prevent contamination.

Coming from a long line of former bee keepers, never, never use tweezers on a honey bee sting. When they sting the stinger is ripped out of their abdomen and remains by a small barb in the sting site. It actually will continue to pump venom so scrape it out as soon as possible. African bees are different and more aggressive. You won’t be stung by just one; a swarm will attack. They can sting repeatedly. On mosquito and spider bites (Wife was stung by black widow two days ago) we us a mix of baking soda and meat tenderizer (make sure without salt). add drops of water to make a paste, apply, let dry and fall off by itself. Apply as soon as possible and if needed especially for spider bites. The Indians used to use mud, which helps draw out venom as it dries; along with other poultices. When little I was stung by fire ants, in my pants. no one ever has shed pants that quick……… Granddad put straight Ammonia (plain) which stopped the fire immediately. Bees can sense if you are scared……….. just calmly walk away…….swatting at them can anger them…. try not to crush a bee this releases an attack signal chemical to other bees… Bees are attracted to sweet liquids (soda, soda spills, nectar from flowers). They will drink sugar water from your hand( only for experienced people) Bees are necessary for crops to grow.

Mustard like steroids

mustard like steroids


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