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Mixed assessments came from Robin Pierson of The TV Critic , giving the season an overall score of 49 out of 100. [43] Pierson said that the show had become "predictable, stale and irritating to watch" and that it had become "just like the TV shows it mocked". He criticized some episodes for "insulting their viewers' intelligence" and for being "badly written", [44] [45] although he praised some of the stories for following a logical progression. [46] Pierson considered "We Love You Conrad" as the best episode of the season (rating it 67 out of 100), [47] and "Baby Not On Board" as the poorest (rating it 12). [48]

In a FoxTrot strip, the characters are discussing how many comic strips that day have jokes based on golf . Jason comments: "I loved Mary Worth's line about sand traps." In another FoxTrot strip, after being bombarded by Jason's suggestions, the newspapers give Mary Worth vampire fangs. In a Pearls Before Swine strip, Rat, on steroids, decides he "will kick Mary Worth's &#$*%!" In a Far Side strip, two characters, both of whom are styled after Mary Worth characters, are seen at the door of a typical Far Side character (with a pet cow and snake), who remarks that they must be looking for " Apartment 3-G or Mary Worth or one of those other serious cartoons". In an Over the Hedge Sunday strip, Verne ends with "Maybe Mary Worth needs a pet turtle" (signifying his frustration with his co-characters' disconnection from reality) after RJ and Hammy discusses rather surrealistically around the life of missing socks, as if the socks were individual life forms on their own. [ citation needed ]

Lois on steroids family guy

lois on steroids family guy


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