Fysiske bivirkninger ved anabole steroider

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, a climate scientist, an antiwar activist, or a cell biologist to figure out that this planet needs healing. - When the cells in our bodies fight each other, we call that autoimmune disease. What humanity, the superorganism comprising seven billion people on this planet, is experiencing now, is a very bad case of autoimmune disease.
- With the exception of human beings, all organisms t ... hat make up the biosphere are in cooperation with each other. We, on the other hand, are creating our own extinction because of our disconnection from nature. Projections that there will be no fish left in the ocean in 30 years sound like a science fiction nightmare but they are a scientific reality and one warning among many that we have to change the way we live. Whether it’s disease or social crises, all of the troubles humanity is facing stem from our inability to understand that when we destroy the environment we are destroying ourselves. Just as James Lovelock’s Gaia theory posits, our planet is an integrated and complex superorganism; we are an integral part of this environment, and when we destroy the environment we are destroying ourselves.
- If Mother Nature were to put human civilization on trial for perpetrating this planet-destroying, dangerous autoimmune disease, a defense team emphasizing the Darwinian belief in the survival of the fittest would likely point to stellar human beings like Einstein and Beethoven to argue that humans do not deserve to be condemned. This argument wouldn’t get very far, for evolution isn’t about the fittest individuals in a species; it’s about the impact of the species as a whole. In this case, the collective actions of the seven billion people on this planet have created a track record that is abysmal and indefensible.
Humanity’s options are clear: we can continue to do what we’re doing and go the way of the dinosaurs, or we can change our way of life. - See more at: http:///…

Fysiske bivirkninger ved anabole steroider

fysiske bivirkninger ved anabole steroider


fysiske bivirkninger ved anabole steroiderfysiske bivirkninger ved anabole steroiderfysiske bivirkninger ved anabole steroiderfysiske bivirkninger ved anabole steroiderfysiske bivirkninger ved anabole steroider