Cushing before and after steroids

Hello Candy & Ming,
thank you for posting this about my sweet Breeze. I am noticing that her attitude is still good and she is very excited to see me. The past few weeks she had been distant and despondent. We’re working with nutrition, herbs, and probiotics to help her regain her weight again.
The Reiki is very soothing and calming. She really loves it!
Today while she was eating her feed, I talked with her about the healing she received from RFB and about Janet’s communication. She just perked her head up and looked right at me, acknowledging what I said.
She knows how much she is loved!

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Cushing before and after steroids

cushing before and after steroids


cushing before and after steroidscushing before and after steroidscushing before and after steroidscushing before and after steroidscushing before and after steroids