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Give the Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger a few more weeks, though, and he very well might be close to catching up. Bellinger hit two home runs tonight to make a total of 17 since he was called up to the big leagues on April 25— more than anyone else has hit in that time frame. This was Bellinger’s fourth multi-dinger game, making him the first rookie ever to achieve that feat in his first 50 games. (He did it in 45.) Potentially even more impressive there? One of tonight’s home runs came off of Andrew Miller, the first that the strikeout-machine reliever has allowed in more than 30 innings this season.  

Hullo, just like to inquire. Before doing the testing, did you service the original bearings? Clean them totally clean, removing the original lube? Then doing the test with with the original and boca bearings with the same lube?
I’ve done some tests like this and found there is no difference in distance once you do this. The best way to get the best performance out of the bearings is to clean them up and use low viscosity bearing oil. It’s not so much the bearing “quality”. The new bearings from boca are delivered dry, so they will perform better than the original bearing which are normally lubed with heavy oil.

Antler spray steroids

antler spray steroids


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